Thursday, March 14, 2013

UWS Flowers

In New York, bodegas and flowers go hand in hand. And that can be quite convenient if you're late and you need a peace offering, or you just need a bouquet of color to get you through the last month of gray winter days.                                 
Spring flowers
Academy Floral - family owned
For me, the blue and pink daisies have an unsettling vibrancy, as if too many drops of food coloring got tapped into the water. I prefer the the natural blooms - tulips, forsythia, and for the hint of spring that gives me hope of warmer days soon to come - pussy willows!                                                   Academy Floral is one of my favorites (on the UWS @ 107th) Its a family run shop - any one who reads my blog know how much I value the small family-run businesses on the UWS. The staff have remained consistent over the years; they've seen my family grow and enjoy teaching the kids about the different blooms.
Pussy WIllows

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