Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New On-Demand Car Service - Zypsee

Zypsee is an affordable, easy-to-use taxi alternative for NYC.  This service lets you request rides using your iPhone or Android phone while you wait in comfort inside -- your phone lets you know when your driver has arrived.  No more standing on a cold street corner or hunting blindly for taxis.  This all happens for a cost comparable to street-hailing a yellow cab. 

NYCUrbanLife readers that register for the Zypsee Beta will be eligible to get heavily discounted bonus rides now through mid-March.  These are frequent promotions (3 x weekly) where Zypsee lets Beta Users ride for 50-100% off.  Additionally, Zypsee will give a discount off all other rides.  All they ask in return is that Beta users be patient and persistent -- hey, it takes time to ramp up driver capacity and as they do service quality may vary.

Qualified users can download the app (http://get.zypsee.com) on their smartphone or searching for Zypsee at the iPhone app or Google Play Store.  Register using invitation code 302-00-001 to get the NYC Urban Life discount.

Be sure to check back in here and leave your feedback about your experiences with this new, innovative service.

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