Thursday, February 7, 2013

US Postal Service Stops Saturday Delivery

Here is an interesting piece tied into culture. The U.S. Postal Service is slated to end Saturday delivery. The postal service said a switch to a five-day letter delivery schedule would reduce yearly losses by $2 billion; weekend delivery will continue for packages.

I know that Canada hasn't had Saturday postal delivery for the past 30 years and in my experience, only the UK has managed to make their postal system efficient. I know, the UK is a fraction of the size of the USA but still, you'd marvel at the speed of mail delivery in that country.

With the rise of email correspondence and document delivery through cloud-based services, there is no doubt the postal service is seeing a massive down tick in usage and stopping Saturday delivery is just smart business. The question to ask is why has it taken USPS so long to respond to a marked 6 year trend. Are American's more demanding of their social services? Will there be a massive out-cry? Lets see what falls out.....

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