Friday, April 24, 2015

An Uncommon Bag
Now that hockey season is over, my weekend schedule of events seems like a breeze.  When I say hockey season, I don’t mean the NHL; we know that is still going on. I mean kids hockey – 4 practices a week and 4 games per weekend, usually in opposite directions.   Now, its just soccer and with a little spring hockey - much easier !

Urban mothers have the same experiences as our suburban counterparts, but we usually travel by foot, subway, bus or cab; no car to throw in any amount of gear that may be needed.  The trick to making these treks about town, and beyond, is to pack light but pack what you’ll need for 4-5 hours out.  And, because we live in Manhattan, there is the unspoken rule to use a bag that looks hip/stylish/unique. That’s a lot to ask for in a bag but my friends at UncommonGoods had the answer to my needs.

Uncommongoods is a cool local company that offers unique products and handcrafted gifts.  More importantly, they are a B Corp, offering a positive vision of a better way to do business, including higher quality jobs, improving the quality of life in their community, and creating value for society through sustainable practices by offering handmade, recycled and organic products.

My bag-about-town this spring is the Upcycled USPS Mail Sack Tote. This heavy-duty canvas bag has some key design features that I love.  The long nylon webbing shoulder straps allow easy access, important when someone is digging-in to grab a water bottle or a snack. I also love that the canvas has been recycled - the clever design house TerraCycle has repurposed real USPS mail sacks!   Because the canvas is tough, with a great distressed look, I’m never hesitant about putting it down on the sidewalk, a bench, or a soccer field.

The other feature I love is the metal grommets - perfect for attaching carabiners for keys, water bottles, or whatever else you want quick access to.  This past weekend my Mail Sack Tote held two water bottles, a coloring book, a sweater, wallet, a soccer ball, an iTouch, and snacks, with room to spare. 

Looking for a practical but stylish gift for mom this Mother’s Day? The Mail Sack Tote is a great choice, or you can check out more gifts for mom here at Uncommongoods.

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