Sunday, May 25, 2014

1st Annual Broadway Ghostlight Awards

Theater producer Ken Davenport has launched the first ever annual Ghostlight Awards - for the people behind the curtain.

It takes hundreds of people to put on one Broadway show.  But only a few dozen are ever seen on a stage. The rest of them are backstage, offstage, in orchestra pits and in dressing rooms.  They are in box offices, in stage management offices and perched up high on fly rails.  And without them, Broadway wouldn’t happen eight times a week.

These are the folks whose names aren’t on marquees or on the title pages of your Playbill.  And there has never been an award celebrating what they do. Until now! 

Ghostlight Awards are like the People Choice Awards of the theater. You can vote for Broadway’s best Stage Door Person, Box Office Treasurer, Usher, Dresser, Company Manager,  and everything in between.

Click here and vote now!     Winners announced May 27th.

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