Friday, January 17, 2014

Tom's Diner

The Upper West Side is home to quite a few celebrities - authors, artists and actors. In some cases, our buildings are the celebrities. The Ansonia held a major starring role in Single White Female and the Apthorp, Dakota and San Remo buildings are grand dames of architecture.

Thanks to the television series Seinfeld, Tom's Restaurant is world reknown. Tom’s Restaurant is a diner located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan at 2880 Broadway. Frequented by artists, musicians, comedians, students and faculty of nearby Columbia University, it has seen many stars and regular folk walk through it doors over the years, so its about time someone told its story. 

Filmmaker Gian Franco Morini is currently developing a feature length documentary about Tom's Restauranthighlighting past and present owners, clientèle and pop culture references, breaking the fictional facade and showcasing the real people behind this true NYC Landmark.

This week, outside of this project, Mr. Morini shot a different kind of footage at the diner; a meeting with Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander and Larry David. That's a definite increase in wattage from the UWS's regular star power!

Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander (aka George Costanza) were spotted this Monday walking into Tom’s Restaurant, the diner that was their main hang-out spot on Seinfeld. Larry David was spotted later walking out.

There is speculation of that they were shooting a Super Bowl video. Although it seems like a tight production timeline, since the event is just two weeks away, it presents yet another reason to watch February 2nd.

Gian Franco Morini

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