Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"Destination Unknown" Art Exhibit, August 2013

"I find it fascinating that an image, specifically a painting, has the ability to stimulate many levels of the human psyche.  The long history of painting has proven that the imagery and consideration of materials is as varied as the people who paint.  This history offers a healthy challenge to me as a maker of objects and images.  It is my passion to foster a better understanding of the world I live in through the medium of painting."   - Ari Lankin

RL Fine Arts is pleased to present an exhibition of new paintings by New York based artist Ari Lankin. This is the artist’s second show with the gallery, and shows his evolving mastery of the medium of painting. Working for the first time on larger canvases, these exciting paintings are testament to Lankin moving his art and expression into new and dynamic areas, constantly pushing the limits of his technique and sense of composition to produce paintings full of joy and energy. The cycle/series of these works is very much entwined with Lankin’s sense of spirituality. 

It is an ambitious and thoughtful series that, for the artist, brings a varied expression that encapsulates his very personal and unique style, honoring the brilliance of abstract art that precedes him, but also approaches new territory. The works explode with energy and physicality, pathways and mindscapes for the viewer to commune with. Ari Lankin has a great respect for art history and exploration of materials.

August 1 to August 31 201

RL Fine Arts,

Between 5th and 6th Avenue.
New York, NY

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