Saturday, March 3, 2012

Animals Sharing Their Thoughts

New York City is home to all kinds of people. The communities that make up this town – the far right, far left, the avant-garde, and those that defy any categorization by hovering a few feet off the ground - are what make living here a cool life experience.

But our animals also have character and a healthy does of attitude…and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

How can you not love the Bronx Zoo's Egyptian Cobra, Mia @BronxZooCobra? Last summer she tried so hard to escape – we were all rooting for you Mia! She’s got the best sense of humor of any snake I know.

@CathedralPhil is a white peafowl that lives on the beautiful grounds of St. John the Divine with brothers Jim and Harry. Phil has a wonderful dry banter, and is always respectful and thoughtful with his tweets, as you might expect from a church-going bird.

Central Park peacock @CentralPeacock is trying but lacks Mia’s sense of humor, and...stopped...tweeting the end of last year. I wonder...maybe he suffered the same fate as Pale Male’s mate Lima. She ate a poisoned Central Park rat. That’s sad.

Punxsutawney Phil @GroundhogPhil the Groundhog Day groundhog, from Pennsylvania, has a sense of humor that rivals Mia. Yes, its that good that he deserves a nod, even if he is from out of state.

And then there is @GovsIslandCat Molly Brown. She’s a cynical city cat, and despite the fact that Molly hasn’t tweeted since June 1, 2011 - you need to make a better effort girl – she has an impending featured segment on Animal Planet’s “Must Love Cats”. On March 5 at 8:00 PM, Animal Planet’s John Fulton meets Molly Brown and interviews the @Gov_Island staff members about discovering Molly on the Island and what her life is like now.

Hey, you animals...who else is out there are out there sharing their thoughts…?

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