Thursday, December 8, 2011

Business on the Upper West Side

If you live in the neighborhood-y parts of NYC you know the face of the 'high street' is changing drastically and quickly. The family run stores can barely afford rent, and when leases are renewed, they definitely can't afforded the revised 'market-value' rent. The result is a lot of empty main street shops. Its demoralizing for the community - where do I get my shoes repaired now?!

The result is larger chain stores or banks - those who can afford the rent- move in. Unfortunately, some of those bring down the value of the 'hood and they're not always good neighbors. The KFC on Broadway and 106th leaves food waste on their sidewalk, over-flowing from the bin on the corner. Yuck! Just this morning, on GMA, Anthony Bourdain commented on this phenom.... a burger joint that moves into the neighborhood is usually bad news unless its Shake Shack. Hmmm.

Pic via of MyUpperWest
So, what we're seeing on the UWS is a bank on every other corner - and we know no-one is saving that much right now! -  and chain stores. The blocks between 86th and 103rd have long time renters Banana Republic and Club Monaco, Brooks Brothers on its way (this might send my brother's heart aflutter), Patagonia, Pet Smart, Urban Outfitters, and now a 7-Eleven a 1/2 from a public school. Argh.

The mall is moving to Manhattan and for those of us who like small business and their ideals, that kinda sucks.

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