Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Cardinal's Poinsettia

Part of decorating the home for the holidays includes floral arrangements. My florist of choice is Academy Floral, near my home, on Broadway and 107th. 

On a recent trip, my daughter and I purchased a few red kalanchoe - not Christmasy, I know, but they add nice color - two poinsettia and paper whites. While we were at the florist, the team there had just finished putting the final touches on the Cardinal's poinsettia. Wah? Did I hear right? Academy does flowers for Cardinal Egan?! 

Hmmm, I think perhaps it was a gift for the Cardinal from a local parishioner. Although a lovely arrangement, I think the Cardinal's housekeeper would have ordered something larger than this arrangement; it just does't have the scale that the official residence requires.

While I'm sure the Cardinal's arrangement is flourishing, one my mine is not. It started to droop within hours at my home and now looks like this. 

I've no green thumb. There is only one plant in my home that has lasted longer than a year; we're all stunned that its made it for as long as it has. 

I welcome all suggestions and guidance in how to bring this poinsettia back to life.

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