Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Advertising in Manhattan

One of the best things about living in Manhattan is the advertising that is written and designed especially for New Yorkers. It has an irreverence that would never fly in other cities, but lands perfectly here. This city has a unique sense of humor.

One of my favorite advertisers is Manhattan Mini Storage. They advertise storage. How interesting can you make that? In Manhattan, where we live outside our apartments because home is the size of a shoebox, storage is a big thing, but its not an interesting, funny thing. Manhattan Mini Storage thinks otherwise.
Their campaigns are funny, irreverent, and instead of staying away from the two taboos- religion and politics- they dive in head first and keep it smart. 

When gay marriage was passed in New York state, Manhattan Mini Storage was there to comment.
Even passages from the Bible are used to make their point of how much a premium storage space is when living in NYC. 

With a year long campaign underway for the next presidential election, Manhattan Mini Storage is keep the atmosphere light, spelling out what we're all privately thinking.

They even ensure we New Yorkers don't take ourselves too seriously.

Their advertising makes riding the subway or hoofing across town a little more enjoyable. You can be guaranteed a chuckle, even if your not considering storage, yet.

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