Saturday, July 2, 2011

Get Cultured...FREE

New York, like any large city, although glorious, can be expensive. A couple visiting a gallery or museum can be manageable, but add 3 children into the mix and 5 x $$ becomes careful consideration.

Here is what makes it work for us:
  1. Museums on Us® is Bank of America's community outreach program. The first weekend of the month has free admission to select museums for B of A card holders. In New York City that's 8 venues. Thanks Destiny, for the heads up on this one!
  2. Target also has an arts and culture community outreach program. This program not only subsidizes free admission to select institutions but also sponsors outdoor events and programs that the larger community can enjoy. Our favorites are Wave Hill - a great day out of the city - MOMA, and CMOM.
Today, we took advantage of Bank of America's program and headed to The Metropolitan Museum of Art where we participated in Art Trek - a free-with-admission, regularly run children's program that introduces kids ages 5-12 to the treasures to the MET. The lesson today was about Impressionism and we specifically looked at the art of Monet and Manet. It was an hour in length - perfect to keep attention and interest - and enjoyed by all.  We'll definitely do this one again.
Greek Sculpture Gallery
Listen to me...
Listening to our docent
Draw your impression of the scene

The Gallery

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